Foto: Eirik Halvard Norseth/NTNUI(CC BY 4.0)

Fekting Studentcup

Where: Lysholmhallen

When: Friday & Saturday

Classes: Rapier Ladies Rapier Men & RapiesTeam (mix)

Rules: Norges Fekteforbund(Norwegian Fencing Association)

Fencing is "the art of dueling with a sword" and is considered a martial art. Admittedly, a lot of protective equipment is used and the match takes place indoors. The weapons are foil, sword and sabre. A match is won by the first to hit the opponent a certain number of times, where the valid hit range depends on the weapon. The shocks are marked by means of luminous lamps which are connected to a switch on the tip of the blade. In Norway, fencing is organized through the Norwegian Fencing Association.

ATTENTION! Participants MUST have a valid license through the Norwegian Fencing Association. This also applies to all members of a team.

Contact person:

Magnus Breimo, magnus.breimo@ntnui.no

Contact person from SG:

Daniel Roth ,daniel.roth@ntnui.no