Cageball Student-NM


When: Thursday(10-15),Friday(10-15) and Saturday(10-15)

Classes: Ladies & Men

Rules: Norges Fotballforbund(The Norwegian Football Association)

Cageball is rapidly growing in popularity and is great fun to play with friends. The rules are much the same as in football, but you play inside a kind of cage with walls around it that can be used actively when you play. This means that the ball is in play all the time. A cageball team originally consists of 4 players (3 outfielders plus a goalkeeper), but most teams choose to use their goalkeeper as an outfielder. Throw-ins, corner kicks and corners are not applicable in cageball, which means that there is less "dead time" and more efficient play compared to regular football.

Contact person: 

Ine Straumbotn,

Contact person from SG: 

Daniel Roth ,