Foto: Torbjørn Wiik/NTNUI(CC BY 4.0)

Badminton Student Championship

Where: Leangenhallen

When: Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Classes: Ladies (Single & Double), Men (Single & Double), Mixed (Double)

Rules: Norges Badmintonforbund( Norwegian Badminton Association)

Badminton is fun to play at any level, and most people have probably been involved in the sport at one time or another. Badminton is played by two teams (either singles or doubles) on a shared court with a net. Badminton differs from other racket sports in that it does not use a ball, but a projectile made of feathers or plastic. The game is played by hitting the projectile back and forth over the net across the playing field. You must use a volley, i.e. hit the ball before it hits the floor, otherwise you lose the point. The point is also lost if you hit outside the playing field. A set is basically won by the first to achieve 21 points, but with the reservation that you win by at least 2 points. If the score is 29-29, the first to reach 30 points wins the set. A maximum of 3 sets are played. In Norway, the sport is organized through the Norwegian Badminton Association.

Eurpean Championship qualifications:.

During the Student Games in Trondheim there will be qualification for the Student European Championship 2024 in Hungary.

Contact person:

Ane Hofstad Lycke,

Contact person from SG:

Stian Selbekk