Foto: Roland Richter/NTNUI (CC BY 4.0)


Student Championship

When: Idrettsbygget Dragvoll

When: Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Classes: Ladies & Men

Rules: Norges Squashforbund(Norwegian Squash Association)

Studentlekene Trondheim invites you to the Student National Championships in squash! Not only is squash an incredibly fun, high-intensity sport, the sport has also been voted the healthiest in the world. Squash is a racket sport played indoors on a court with four walls. You are two players playing against each other. This is perfect for those who like adrenaline, high pulse and fast pace. Sign up and you can attend the banquet with the clearest conscience. Regardless of whether you are an experienced racket enthusiast or a committed exerciser, atmosphere and excitement are guaranteed from start to finish!

Contact person:

Erlend Hansson Rudi, erlend.rudi@ntnui.no

Contact person from SG:

Jenny Aune Forbord ,jenny.forbord@ntnui.no