Foto: Fredrik Warvik/NTNUI (CC BY 4.0)


Where: Idrettsbygget Dragvoll

When Torsdag, Fredag & Lørdag

Classes: Beginner, Advanced, Mixed


Roundnet, also known as Spikeball, is a ball sport inspired by volleyball and square. In Roudnet, you play 2 against 2 without sides or boundaries on the court, in other words - 360 degrees around the net! An exchange begins with a serve that bounces off the net. The server has 2 attempts, just like in tennis. The team receiving the serve has up to 3 touches to return the ball back to the net. A team scores points when they hit a ball that bounces off the net, which the opposing team is unable to return. Any ball that misses the net, hits the rim or bounces more than once in the net gives the opposing team points. Best of three games up to 11/21 points wins. Players can use all body parts, except holding or double touch.

Contact person:

Marius Jack Roset,

Contact person from SG:

Jenny Aune Forbord ,