Foto: Jonas Schwarzwalder/NTNUI (CC BY 4.0)


Where:Lade idrettsanlegg

When: Fridag & Saturday

Classes: Mix

Regler: Norges Rumpeldunkforbund(Norwegian Rumpeldunk Association)

Rumpeldunk is a sport that combines elements from handball, cannonball and rugby. Here, teams consist of seven players: one goalkeeper and three fighters are tasked with scoring goals in handball style, except that the goals are three rings at each end of the court, in addition, you have two crackers to shoot out the opponent's players with cannonballs and a scout who is released onto the pitch after 20 minutes played to catch the golden snitch. This is worth three goals and will either end the game or send it to overtime depending on the score. The sport is played with full contact and tackling, and gender-mixed teams where everyone plays on the same team.

Contact person:

Daniel Korneliussen, daniel.korneliussen@ntnui.no

Contact person from SG:

Stian Selbekk stian.selbekk@ntnui.no