Foto: Ingrid Engelien/NTNUI (CC BY 4.0)

Student cup

Where: Idrettsbygget Dragvoll

When: Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Classes: Open

Rules: International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA)

Goalball is an indoor ball game for the visually impaired and is part of the Paralympics. The game is also played blindfolded so that it will be fair for everyone. The ball has a bell inside so that it makes a sound. The rules are quite simple; two teams kneel on opposite sides of the field. Each team consists of three people with a substitute. The teams pull a ball along the ground which those on the other team then have to try to stop with their bodies. If the ball goes into the wall behind them, it's a goal.

This is a sport for everyone. The fact that almost no one has played it before, and that the sighted and the blind play exactly the same way, provides a unique opportunity for equality and unity. SL engages many students, and we want to create buzz and awareness around the fact that sports for the disabled are fun, low-threshold and something that everyone can join in! We are therefore seeking support from you to be able to create sports enjoyment for EVERYONE, regardless of background or background.

Contact person:

Liv Tvilde Høien, liv.hoien@ntnui.no

Contact person from SG:

Jenny Aune Forbord ,jenny.forbord@ntnui.no